Thursday, February 23, 2006

A bit of cartooning.

I have always wanted to do some cartoons but am lazy, though not indifferent my brother informs me, with a pencil. However, I spend hours with Paint Shop ProX and Adobe Photoshop Elements, not least in order to process my pictures, but also just messing to increase my skill in using them. I am quite pleased with the above which was inspired by my latest song:

And I wonder.

I’ve wandered in places
Amongst distant faces
I’ve seen people without dreams

I’ve tried to forget
Bad times and debts
And troubles in lands I’ve never seen

Pictures of people
Dying slowly
The desperate visions of our times

And hollow faces
In silent places
I’ve seen trouble all my days

And I wonder
What it means
To be free

I’ve seen corporate greed
And human need
Standing blindly side by side

Companies’ whore
Blessed by the law
I’ve seen crooks in suits and ties

I promise you this
As a Judas kiss
There will be no peace on earth

As long as one man takes
What he doesn’t make
And sells it for a shiny piece of gold


I’ve seen kindness break
The endless lake
Of bitter tears and hidden pain

I’ve seen hearts take flower
In their darkest hour
And stumbling, take to the road again

But I wonder…


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