Saturday, September 06, 2008


Someone recently posed the following - 'Time to show what you believe in, this is my faith. trust, hope, loyalty, love, what is yours?' My response was kept short for reasons that do not matter here, and was this - 'My faith is in the mystery of life, so much effort has been put into explaining life, yet I have never found that helpful, but enjoying the mystery keeps me open and awake to life itself.'

I don't have faith in love, because there is no requirement of faith to be loving, it's something you get on and do, or not. Trust and loyalty the same, these are existential issues that have nothing to do with faith. Hope? I am not sure that has anything to do with faith either, it's a kind of wishful thinking, much as nostalgia is a kind of wistful thinking.

In responding by saying my faith is in the mystery of life, I think I allowed myself to be drawn into something I would have been wiser to stay away from, because my answer strikes me as bullshit. I am surrounded by the mystery of life, I don't have faith in it, it is so palpably real I have trouble keeping it within bounds that I can deal with.

In truth I have no idea what faith means, so to answer that I have faith in the mystery of life was a lie. I can't have faith in something if I don't know what faith is. Ask me what holds the sky up.


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